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    Fitness Classes In Skipton

    Whether you’re looking for weight training, dance classes, HIIT or Pilates and Yoga, we have a class for you. We have 2 fitness and personal training studios and classes for all ages and abilities.

  • Pay As You Go, Class Passes & Monthly Membership

    Flexible ways to pay

    Individual fitness classes are £7.50 or£8.50 for Pilates and Yoga classes. You can buy a10 class pass and get 1 class FREE or our monthly membership is £49.95 for unlimited fitness classes (1 pilates course place per week).

  • Book online or download our mobile app

    Via our Website or Phone App

    You can book all your fitness classes up to 6 weeks in advance on our website or handy mobile phone app - FIT by WIX. You can also cancel via the App and there are no cancellation fees.

  • Skipton Health & Fitness – classes include Pilates, Yoga, weight training and dance.

    We are a small independent fitness and personal training studio in Skipton. We have 25 classes a week to choose from. You can pay as you go (£7.50 a class or £8.50 for Pilates or Yoga) and Membership and 10 class pass cards are available. Our fitness classes are suitable for all abilities and fitness levels.

    We offer fitness classes in Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Body Blitz, Pump, Lift Lean, Metafit /HIIT, BalletBeFit, Kettlercise (Kettlebells), Legs Bums and Tums, Complete Core & Abs, DDMix, Step and Aerobics.

    We also offer online classes for Members, who are able to work out at home via the internet.

    Other services include nutrition advice, Personal Training and we have an onsite sports massage therapist.

    Please message us to book a class or for more information

    We have a large car park – please park in 6 or V.

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    Take a tour around our fitness studio on our facebook page (you need to be logged in to facebook to view)


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    Fiona, Liam & Jenny – About us

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    Our fitness coaches – Meet the team

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    Outdoor classes in the summer

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    Skipton Health & Fitness Classes

    Lovely place, lovely people!! The friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes you want to go and work out! Whether you are on your own or with friends you always feel welcome and there’s always someone to talk too! It’s nice to work out and laugh at the same time…!! If you’re not a gym goer or you’ve lost motivation and need a gentle nudge in the right direction this is the place for you… there’s a mixture of classes to suit everyone no matter what age, ability or fitness level you are!

    Sarah P

    All the team at Health and Fitness are amazing; skilled, supportive, friendly and fun to be with. The studio has a broad range of classes, which are face to face or online.

    Alex C

    Recently joined Skipton Health & Fitness after seeing a beginners Pilates class advertised. Really enjoyed the classes so far, it’s a very friendly place to be and it’s great with the options of PAYG, class pass or monthly membership; I’ve booked a 10 class pass. Tried Lift & Lean too, which was a great low impact class and is a perfect PAYG substitution for me when Pilates classes might not be available.

    Cathy M

    Fantastic, friendly and fun fitness classes! I’ve been going for 18 months and absolutely love it. I’ve made new friends, lost weight, toned up and generally improved my fitness levels. There is a wide range of classes for all abilities and tastes and they add new classes every few months. They offer pay as you go, loyalty cards and membership options. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed

    Natalie P

    This gym is a lovely and friendly environment for everyone. Your always greeted with a smile and not just from the staff!

    Rhian J

    Great gym with a nice variety of classes that they host. The staff are so friendly and give variations of exercises increasing in intensity so there is no need to be intimidated if you’re just joining whilst also giving tougher options if you’ve built up your ability. They’re great at making you feel comfortable and ensuring anyone with an injury is catered for. I really enjoy the classes and can’t recommend it enough!

    Jen W

    Latest news and offers from Skipton Fitness

    weight training skipton

    Weight Training Skipton

    6 days a week we have weight training classes that use hand weights; either dumbells or kettlebells or both! From 2kg – 10kg. These classes aren’t just about building stronger muscles. They’re about… Building stable joints, strong bones, a firmer core and great posture. Improving your body image, confidence and self-esteem. Building a strong foundation


    Kettle Bell Classes in Skipton

    Kettlercise® is THE single most effective Kettle bell fat burning workout……. designed to shape and sculpt your body in as little as 20 mins for rapid fat loss & a lean toned body. It’s fun, super quick and super effective! Skipton Health & Fitness have 4 Kettle bell classes every week

    trigger point pilates small

    New Pilates Course – Trigger Point Pilates

    Our new Trigger Point Pilates® class combines Pilates’ core moves with trigger point release and clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain and tightness using equipment. The class is designed to release tight muscles enhance functional daily movement, help with sport’s performance and restructure the body.

    yoga classes skipton

    British Wheel of Yoga Course

    Yoga is a journey. Even after 25 years of practice our resident yogi and coach Jenny loves to build her own practice and share yoga with our members. In 2022 Jenny started 6 months of the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course with her long time yoga teacher Susie Dennis at Ilkley Yoga Centre.